Mr Halloran is a Canadian artist, well known to world audiences as the creator of Paintings Below Zero, monumental public art installations.

In 2008, more than 176,000 people visited his site-specific (100' long, 14' high, double-sided) : Museum of Modern Ice. Toronto City Hall hosted over 50,000 visitors to Paintings Below Zero, a site-specific installation (80' long by 10' wide) of frozen paintings in 2007. 

In Turin, Italy, Halloran was Canada’s official representative to the Cultural Olympiad for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, where his site-specific installation filled an entire church with Pitture Sotto Zero.  At the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, he created Ice Gate, a 100' long by 14' high site-specific installation. 

Halloran was the feature artist for public art at the Miami International Art Fair and Art Palm Beach in 2011 and created an outdoor installation called Lotus in Motion a series of floating paintings placed in the water ponds of VanDusen Botanical Gardens in 2012. 

"Artwork that promises to be a monumental addition to the Winter Games."

                    - Marsha Lederman, Globe Review - The Globe and Mail.

"Dazzling abstract paintings."

                    - Michelle Tarnopolosky, Macleans's Magazine

"New frontiers of totally experimental contemporary art, where beauty is shown to be less ephemeral than the material it is made of. Beauty that opens our hearts."

                    - Piero Addis, Chief Curator and Head of the Cultural Olympiad for the   Olympic Winter Games, Torino 2006

"A really unique and unforgettable dialogue between man and nature, technology and emotion."

                     - Giorgetto Giugiaro, Founder and chairman, Italdesign-giugaro SPA